Best SEO Practices For 2019

In today’s world the companies have realized the importance of internet and have started to implement techniques so that people can discover the brands which will help brands increase their revenue. One of the most reliable and important methods to make brands discoverable to customer is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It can be defined as an organic means to drive traffic to the websites. But SEO can go totally chaotic when right methods are not taken and you might end up paying money in promoting brands via Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing. There are simple and effective tips that you can add in your SEO practice.


  • Use Keyword

Keywords is the center of SEO. Because it helps brands make visible in on the internet. For example, if a person types the word “Business Tips” then search engine will return request in forms of search results that is most relevant to the query. Using the right keyword can help you to be in the top of search results and thus resulting in more traffic. But choosing the right keywords is difficult but there are many tools like Google Keyword Planner , UberSuggests , Keywords Everywhere which can help with keywords and apart from that you do brainstorming of keywords and then turn to the tools mentioned above.

  • Optimize Descriptions On the Page

It is very important to optimize your pages because there can be relevancy issues if the page titles, meta descriptions are not well written. Google like to display web pages on the search results pages when then the title and descriptions matches with the search query. When you set up as page always remember to use appropriate pages tiles names, meta descriptions. If you’re using WordPress then are many plugins which will help you to write better meta descriptions and titles. You can also use proper meta tags, picture that will be relevant to the content. When it comes to picture you can add alt texts, description and captions. Google can also make your websites searchable via your images.

  • Build Links

This is one of the best and classical practice of Search Engine Optimization that can bring traffic to your websites. But it can also backfire and hurt your websites. The best way to link building is to connect with influencers or blogger and ask them to add back links to your website. The world love loves collaboration and this can really help you to have dominate in the internet.